Faith Simone Thigpen was born on May 22, 2000 to Dominic Thigpen and Dana Roilton. She is a Singer, Dancer and Actress and her first song called "Strong" will come out soon which is featuring Pink Heart. She has 7 siblings in total ( 3 for mom, 4 for dad) but lives with her mom and siblings are her mom side. Their names are Jailyn, Jayshawn and Jahbron. She became a Dancing Doll in 2016 and her first episode on Bring It! was "Straight Outta Jackson". She graduated from APAC just like a fellow team mate, Camryn Harris. She graduated from High School on May 23 2018. Her BFF's are Daija Wilson and Denicia West and they have nicknamed themselves the " Game Changers" or The GC Gang! Her mom is a DDP and at first used to brag all about Faith in Season 3 then took it down a notch. Even though her parents divorced, they still are friends and Faith has great relationships with her family. She is on tour with the rest of the Dancing Dolls, Kayla Jones and Dianna and will be doing it again.

Faith Simone Thigpen
Faith 2016
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Date of Birth May 22, 2000
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory (Former)
Affiliations Dancer


Hometown Jackson, MS
Favored Genres
  Ballet, Majorette (All)
First Appearance
  Straight Outta Jackson (Season 3)
Last Appearance
  Season 5
Friends and Family
Dana Roilton (Mother)

Dominic Thigpen (Father)

Jailyn (Sister on Mom)

Jayshawn (Brother on Mom)

Jahbron (Brother on Mom)

+4 other siblings (On Dad)

Dancing Dolls Denicia West Daija Wilson


  • Her Father and Uncles are gospel singers.
  • Her mom was a dancer just like Faith
  • She was bullied when she was younger because she was "Perfect"
  • Faith knows how to do a lot of genres, mostly Majorette, Ballet, and Jazz.
  • She is apart of the A Squad ( A group of the veterans on the team) as well as the GC gang.
  • Her dream is to dance for Beyoncé
  • Her besties Denicia and Daija have a YouTube channel together called The GameChangers -
  • She calls her and her bestie Denicia the WonderTwins
  • She graduated with honors like Denicia.