Daija Wilson was born on March 12, 2001 in Jackson, Mississippi to Shameka Wilson and her father. She is a dancer and has been dancing on the team since season 3. She has two other siblings named Deonte and Mizani. She is going to be a senior in 2019 and goes to APAC like her best friend Faith Thigpen and friend Camryn Harris. She is an all around dancer and can do Ballet, Hip Pop, Jazz, Contemporary and more. She has two best friends named Denicia West and Faith Thigpen who are also on the team and call themselves the Game Changers and their fans the GC Gang.

Daija Wilson
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Background Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth March 12, 2001
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory
Affiliations Dancer


Hometown Jackson, MS
Favored Genres
First Appearance
  Season 3
Last Appearance
  Season 6
Friends and Family
Shameka Wilson (Mother)

Unknown (Father)

Deonte (Older Brother)

Mizani (Younger Sister)

Dancing Dolls Faith Thigpen Denicia West