Chumps or Champions?
Background Information
Episode Number 21
Date September 24, 2014
Competition Bring the Heat!
Opponents Prancing Tigerettes
Divas of Olive Branch
Dazzlin Stars
Dances Stand Battle
Miss D Solo
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.298
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Dolls vs. Dollz: The Rematch
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Chumps or Champions is the twenty first episode of Bring it! The episode will air on September 24, 2014. This episode is the Season 1 Finale.


The Dancing Dolls must face off against their two biggest rivals, the Prancing Tigeretts and the Divas of Olive Branch; a talented new squad emerges; Miss D takes the dance floor to help secure the championship for her team.

Known Competing TeamsEdit

  • Dancing Dolls
  • Baby Dancing Dolls
  • Prancing Tigerettes
  • Divas of Olive Branch
  • Dazzlin Starz


Stand BattleEdit

Heat 1Edit

  • Dazzlin Stars vs. Divas of Olive Branch

Winners: Dazzlin Starz

Heat 2Edit

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Prancing Tigerettes

Winners: Dancing Dolls

Final HeatEdit

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Dazzlin Starz

Winners: Dancing Dolls

Coach's BattleEdit

  • Miss D
  • Unknown Female Coach
  • Unknown Male Coach

Winners: Miss D