Camryn Harris was born on September 25, 2000 to Mimi Harris and Calvin. She is a dancer and actress from Jackson, MS. She is formerly apart of the Dance Team The Dancing Dolls. She has a brother named Tra and her parents have divorced. She has been dancing since she was 6 yrs old and joined the Dancing Dolls when she was 10. Her mom, Mimi is a DDP ( Dancing Doll Parent) and is one of the most helpful people to the dolls. Camryn was at first a head drill master, then became THE captain in 2015. We have watched Camryn grow from a shy little girl to a confident amazing woman. When people need a shoulder to lean on, they go to Cammie. Since way back in season 1, Cammie, Crystianna and Makalah have been best friends. And since they used to be the youngest of the team, they were called The Smurfs. When it comes to academics, Camryn is amazing. She is an honor roll student and when she was in high school, she went to the APAC just like fellow team mate Faith Thigpen. She graduated from high school on May 19, 2018. She is going to Southern University and will become a Southern Doll their.

Camryn Harris
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth September 25, 2000
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory (Former)
Affiliations Dancer


Hometown Jackson, MS
Favored Genres
  Majorette, (All)
Disfavored Genres
  Hip Pop
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
  Season 5
Friends and Family
Mimi Harris (Mother)

Calvin (Father)

Tra (Brother)
Dancing Dolls Crystianna Summers Makalah Whineston


  • Camryn's Mom, Mimi was a cheerleader growing up
  • Her parents divorced when she was little but her parents both still are friends and help her.
  • She is a Libra and her birthstone is a Sapphire
  • Not only is she apart of the Smurfs, But she is apart of the A Squad ( The Veterans of the team)