Camryn Harris
Dancing Dolls Captain
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory
Affiliations Dancing Dolls
Academic and Performing Arts Complex
Hometown Jackson, MS
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Friends and Family
Mimi (Mother)
Calvin (Father)
Kayla Jones
Crystianna Summers
Sunjai Williams
Dancing Dolls

Camryn Harris is a member of Bring It!, a dancer, and a tv personality. She is currently the Captain of the Dancing Dolls. She started dancing a the age of 6 and joined the Dollhouse at the age of 10 she became the Dancing Dolls Head Drill Master in July 2013. She is an honor roll student and was awarded a spot at the Academic and Performing Arts Complex in the Dance Dept. Camryn hopes to one day have her own studio. Camryn has particpated in all the Stand Battles and Creative Dances. For the 2013 Season, Camryn was promoted to Co-Captain. She is associated with Kayla Jones, Sunjai Williams, and her best friends Makalah Whineston and Crystianna Summers. Also, she participated in the 2014 dancing doll tryouts and got the position of Co-Captain. In 2015 she gained the captains position.

Camryn Harris has competed against former team member Tamia Whittaker for captain position. They were dance rivals on the shows. She has a boyfriend named Kinley and her parents, Mimi and Calivin, are currently divorced. Besides Tamia She also competed against her best Friends Makalah and Crystianna . Camryn also shares school with some of her team members such as: Kenjanae, imonje and Christine.


  • Camryn has competed in all of the Dancing Dolls competitions and has gotten multiple solos.
  • Camryn was the Head Drill Master in Season 1 but in Season 1.5 she got promoted to Co-Captain
  • Camryn has a boyfriend
  • Camryn is the captain of the dancing dolls
  • She is best friends with Crystianna & Makalah
  • Camryn is in the same Schoolclassroom as Christine
  • Camryn went to Crying all the time to additude to people

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